The concept of modules

One of the notable benefits of REDAXO are the flexible and easy to create modules, which you can equip with several custom fields and control in every detail. You can stack numerous modules and arrange them in any order.

Input and output

The developer is able to define both the entire input and output for any given module. The input is what you see when you switch a module to the edit mode. For the input code you usually set up form elements which allow for saving the data. This is how it could look like:

<input type="text" name="REX_INPUT_VALUE[1]" value="REX_VALUE[1]" />

The output code in its most simple form would be:


A short abstract of the modules used for this demo site

This is an example for running text with textile markup entered in the Markitup editor.
Insert “Enter” once produces a line break, twice starts a new paragraph.

This is a bold section. Followed up by a normal section. And here is some italic text. You can place a internal link and of course an external link or a mailto link.

Format source code as well

$textile = htmlspecialchars_decode(rex_global_settings::getValue('glob_info'));

This is what a quote looks like:

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo

Unordered list

  • This is a list item of an unordered list.
  • Each list item takes up a single line.
  • A * produces an unordered list item, while a # produces a ordered list item.

Ordered list

  1. This is a list item of an ordered list.
  2. Each list item takes up a single line.
  3. A * produces an unordered list item, while a # produces a ordered list item.

Note on downloads:
In order to not only link to a file but force it to download, the demo consists of an article using a specific template which takes care of the download.
The download module adds the file size and displays a corresponding file type icon (can be extended by further icons).

In the textile editor, you can mark up table cells by inserting a pipe: |
Of course, all table rows must consist of the same amount of cells.


header header header
Cell Cell Cell
Cell Cell Cell
Cell Cell Cell

Combine text and image columns

Example of three columns containing image and text

Running text within a column of 1/3 width. This module places two columns side by side in viewports smaller than 992 px and one column per line in viewports smaller than 768 px.


Above the mountains

Above the mountains

Idyllic evening scene

Idyllic evening scene



Fog is coming up

Fog is coming up

Just silence

Just silence

Endless woods

Endless woods

Northern lights

Northern lights




  • Title 1

    With this module group you can set up both tabs and accordions.

    Since REDAXO has a limit of 20 REX_VALUE fields, you could provide up to 18–20 accordions or tabs—depending on the amount of additional output options. But this demo site demonstrates another solution which can be quite useful in several contexts:
    You may use separate modules for the input and the output. Any tab or accordion represents a module. However, their content won’t show up immediately, but will be “collected” later on. The output module—which is placed below the tabs or accordions—grabs all the data, sorts it and handles the output.

  • Title 2

    Former REDAXO versions contained the global $REX variable, which allowed for saving data and bringing it up elsewhere later on. It has been removed from REDAXO 5. However, now you can make use of rex::setProperty(‘key’, $value) and rex::getProperty(‘key’).

  • Title 3

    As mentioned above, the module would have been able to handle a limited amount of accordions or tabs—which may have been easier to demonstrate. Hence we wanted to show you an example of an output module collecting and processing data from other modules, because this setup can be quite useful in several contexts.


REDAXO CMS is designed to be highly customizable and to control the output in all details. It’s more like a CMS framework, and it perfectly fits with the requirements of web companies developing various websites.

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